Meet Joshua

The RIGHT choice for North Carolina

My name is Joshua Niday, and I am running for the North Carolina State Senate in the newly redrawn 39th district. I am happily married and work as an insurance broker. 

I decided to get into this race because I love this country and I am deeply concerned about radical leftist politicians and candidates fundamentally changing this country and eroding basic American values. I never thought I would see the day when politicians, charged with protecting this country, would openly call for the de-funding and, in some cases, total absolishment of police. This is in addition to openly supporting socialism, radical abortion positions, supporting and encouraging illegal immigration, and allowing lawless riots across this country. 


At this point, this election has nothing to do with Democrat or Republican, this election is about the survival of our country. I am going to Raleigh to govern, Not be an activist!

Joshua Niday


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