"I am running to support law and order and basic common sense. Lately we have seen our country taken over by radical politicians and candidates alike who support lawlessness and further destruction of American values. I am going to Raleigh to govern, not be an activist, and I cannot wait to get to work. "
Right to Life

I will ALWAYS defend the unborn. Abortion is a moral stain on our country, and I will work tirelessly to protect the rights of our little ones. I will re-introduce the "Born alive survivors act", a bill that had some bipartisan support, and required emergency medical care for babies who survived an abortion attempt. Radical Governor Cooper vetoed the bill, and sadly we did not have enough votes to override the Governor.  It is a shame that North Carolina does not have protections for babies born after failed abortion attempts. 

My opponent has received the endorsement from Planned Parenthood and has taken money from Emily's List, another radical pro- abortion organization. I, on the other hand, can proudly announce that I have received the endorsement of the North Carolina Right to Life because I am PROUDLY PRO-LIFE. We must sent pro-life candidates to the legislature.

Jobs and economy

Opening our state and revitalizing our economy will be a top priority for me. The damage done to our state economy by Governor Cooper has left many business owners without businesses to go back too and has left many employees without jobs. I have been endorsed in this race by the NFIB.

As a conservative I support low taxes and regulations. I will look to reduce both unnecessary regulations and obscure licensure requirements that serve as a barrier to jobs and businesses. 

Making health insurance and healthcare in general more affordable is a passion of mine and one that I cannot wait to get to work on when elected. My belief is that anyone who wants insurance should be able to afford it. 
I will work to reduce regulatory measures that keep insurance and healthcare high, allow insurance to be sold across State lines and open the markets for competition. I also believe in transparency in pricing and working to reduce defensive medicine. 
Police, Human Trafficking and ICE

Every day more and more calls for de-funding our police echo throughout our Country. This is NOT okay, and as a candidate for State Senate, I will adamantly oppose ANY efforts to de-fund our police. I do believe that officers who partake in misconduct should be held accountable, but de-funding, or even outright abolishing the police, as some have suggested is absolutely insane, and will lead to less safe communities. 

I also will work hard to combat human trafficking and help aid victims of this horrible practice. Currently North Carolina is toward the top of states for persons trafficked, and this is UNACCEPTABLE. I will give our law enforcement the tools they need to combat human trafficking. I will also welcome assistance from ICE, as ICE has been effective at combating human trafficking. 


I oppose sanctuary cities, and I will sponsor legislation that requires sheriffs to comply with ICE detainment requests. In 2019, the Mecklenburg county sheriff released an illegal immigrant inmate who was charged with rape, despite an ICE detainment request. This is clearly an example of total lawlessness, lack of values, and a failure to keep our communities safe. 

I support law and order and common sense. I will protect our communities from the violent riots that have swept across cities like Portland, Seattle, Chicago, New York and others. When asked about the violence, my opponent has said we must "identify the root causes that proceed the violence". In other words, my opponent is either attempting to justify the unjustifiable or at the very least my opponent is downplaying the riots. This is a horrible way to govern and it will NOT lead to a safer North Carolina. I will work to protect your communities and your businesses and hold these rioters accountable. I am not against peacefully protesting, as its a protected right in this wonderful Country, but I will not  stand for those who destroy our communities.  

Voter ID

I strongly support requiring a photo ID to vote. In 2018, 67 % of North Carolina voters supported a voter ID requirement. Sadly ONE judge overturned the vote of millions with a single decision.  Not only does this showcase the need for new judges, but it shows that the fight to ensure secure elections is far from over.  An ID is required for many things, to board a plane, purchase alcohol, obtain employment, etc, it should be required for voting as well. 


Education and school choice

If elected I will support teacher/teacher assistant salary raises. I will also support school choice, because I want the best for our students. I am not beholden to the teacher unions. I am not running to serve them. I am running to serve the children. School choice has proven to provide better educational opportunities for more students, and parents should have more educational options for their children.